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"Erich has been extremely supportive when I was going through a hard period of my life. His understanding, professional knowledge and guidance have been very helpful to understand myself better and take control of my negative self talk and thoughts. With Erich's help I was able to put my life back together. I can highly recommend working with him."

Andrea Sandor (London, UK)

Erich has supported and coached me through one of the darkest and most uncertain seasons of my life. I had never tried life coaching prior to working with Erich. I interviewed at least 5 coaches before choosing Erich. He stands head and shoulders above his peers. His wisdom and insight are so valuable.
He finds the perfect balance of offering empathy and also direction. I have worked with many therapists in the past and what was always missing in the therapeutic process (clarity) has been ever present in my coaching experience with Erich. If you are ready to make a change in your life, you could not ask for a better person to partner with you. Erich has the background knowledge to guide you through even the hardest moments. He is not easily shocked and has a judgment free attitude while still holding you accountable to yourself. One of the best things about Erich is that he really tries to make himself available for questions and interactions between sessions which has been hugely valuable to me in that one of my goals was career coaching. I was able to run things past him and get his take. The sessions are powerful and it is great to be able to revisit topics. He also sends recaps of every session which is invaluable to someone walking through a stressful time. Finally Erich is a joy to talk to. Erich has a great sense of humor and is always kind and supportive. I wish you the same transformative experience with Erich that I have had!

Erica Towal (Greendale, WI)

Talking with Erich has been a delightful experience, filled with the challenges and encouragement that have helped me move forward and draw positive conclusions about my direction, purpose and plans. Erich's commitment to frequent email communication between coaching sessions was very significant in his overall effectiveness. That alone makes his coaching practice stand out. I also appreciated how easy it was to talk and engage deeply with him right from the start. But even better has been the broader and more lasting effects from my coaching with him after we ended our sessions. I'm still expanding into the space he helped me see and move toward during our talks. Well done, Erich! I strongly recommend him to anyone who may be considering a life coach."

Bill DiGennaro​​ (Holts Summit, MO)

"Erich is incredibly insightful and knew just the right questions to ask that challenged me to get to the root of my ideas, beliefs and weaknesses that were holding me back. I've worked with many coaches and I'm even a coach myself and often the onus is on the client to take charge of the meeting but I preferred Erich's approach because he came prepared each time and had a process that kept things moving while still allowing for organic progression and dialogue. After just a few weeks, one of his questions spurred a breakthrough for me. I reached out to him specifically to help me with getting to the next level of leadership which is more complex than a simple one-off change because it is multi-faceted and he was able to navigate all those different components of my personality and belief system to help me achieve my goal. Being a transformational life coach is a tall order and Erich lives up to it in every way. He's thoughtful yet very purposeful which is a powerful combination if you're looking for change. If you want transformation and a coach who can guide you to your results - I highly, highly recommend Erich!

Leah Hoppes (St. Charles, IL)

“I chose to carry out sessions with Erich for 3 months and although they passed by quickly, I can say that they were of great value and money well spent. During the sessions, I felt that there was a sense of genuineness which created a good flow of communication and in addition I could feel comfortable sharing parts of my life. I also felt that I was listened to and appreciated Erich’s attention to detail and his sense of understanding. I value the time of the sessions and I will remember what was said throughout my life as there were aspects which Erich would point out that would give me great insight on how I could better my life. I am very grateful that I chose to do the sessions and would definitely recommend.”

Jessica Camilleri (San Pawl il-Bahar, Malta)

"Working with Erich has been transformative for me, in every sense. Through our sessions, I have been able to take this massive jumble of challenges and obstacles that have accumulated in my life over years — which felt insurmountable in so many ways — and devise a way forward and through them, to live my own life again, with a renewed sense of self-confidence, wisdom, understanding, and empowerment. Erich's style and approach is multifaceted and collaborative. He was able to work with me on my challenges...not only to understand them more deeply for what they are, but in a very real and practical way use them in constructing a new way forward...transforming them into opportunities for growth, newly-defined character, and personal strength. Thanks to our work I have new tools available to me; an abundance of resources to keep drawing from; and, most importantly, a newfound sense of myself, and how to realize the true person I've been struggling to become. I can't recommend him highly enough, and hope that you'll consult Erich if you are searching for a coach."

Simon Winheld (Berkeley, CA)

I am so grateful that I took the leap of faith to hire Erich as my transformational coach. Erich challenged me in such a healthy way. He asked thought provoking questions that made me clarify my beliefs, vision and action plan. My life has been well advanced because of my decision to stop straddling the fence and to put myself first! If you are overcoming in life, please do yourself a favor and complete a consultation with Erich- your future self will thank you.

Danielle Wright (Dallas, TX)

Erich has had an undeniable impact on my awareness of how I live these past 6 months. When I started I did not know what to expect since it was my first experience having a coach. He did not make me someone I was not, he just enabled me to see my potential and prompted me to strive harder.

Keren Nsoyori (Germantown, MD)

"Erich is a great coach. He is an excellent listener and communicator and was also good at giving recommendations for reading material that was helpful for me throughout my journey. Our conversations were enjoyable as well as productive. Definitely recommend!"

Hisham A. (Queens, NY)

"It was really nice working with Erich. I felt comfortable speaking with him right away. His coaching helped me to work through several areas of my life and discover new ideas. He’s very open and offers excellent insight and feedback. I would recommend others to work with him as their life coach. Thanks Erich!"

Holly McKonly (St. Petersburg, FL)

"I was going through a tough time in my life, and Erich always gave me a listening ear for the parts of it that I was willing to talk about. It helped me through a lot, and helped me learn how to trust again, slowly. I'm more of an introverted person, so it's challenging. But he never made me feel like an inconvenience, more like a long time friend. As I’ve gone on in life, this has helped me mentally, and made me into who I am today. I have gone through a lot in my life, and he never judges! Thank you for everything Erich! I am eternally grateful."

Amy Koerner (Minneapolis, MN)

"Erich is a wonderful person to talk with and learn from. I always value our conversations, as I take so much away, and I always felt he respects and speaks to my point of view. He's a very knowledgeful person, and a gifted teacher. The kind of person you can have a great conversation with. I would definitely recommend him as a life coach!"

David Lee (Golden Valley, MN)

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