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Transform Your Life with A Personal Coach

It’s time for a new beginning – a reset. Key to this is the right person alongside you – someone who encourages, challenges, and empowers you - someone who draws out of you your very best. Blue Shore Coaching is all about your transformation.

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What is Transformational Life Coaching?

Blue Shore Transformational Coaching is a process that gets you through the obstacle that has you stuck and into the new life you long for. We do this by looking at your internal world and external world. The "internal" is what you believe most deeply about your life - it's like the rudder to your ship. The "external" are those daily habits, patterns and routines that are also shaping who you are.


When we address these two areas it gets to the heart of who you are - your identity. And that's when change happens - transformation. I encourage you, give you valuable insight, and hold you accountable to what you're after. Progress is not an option, it's the rule! Because your life matters and you've only got one. Let's go!

Listener. Activator. Guide.

Let me help you live a life that is uncommon. It’s about your life and what you can do with it. You’ve only got today. Live fully awake and inspired!

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How It Works!

Schedule a phone call or free 30 minute Discovery session. No strings and No pressure, just valuable insight to see if this is the right fit for you.

Choose the Level of coaching that's best for you! 

Once you are on-boarded, everything is conveniently in one place - which allows you  to schedule, make payment, and have our video sessions.

After our session, I send you a recap of what emerged from our talk and assign an activity to keep momentum and focus between chats!

How it works

Transformational Coaching is right for you if....

What my clients say...

Erich is incredibly insightful and knew just the right questions to ask that challenged me to get to the root of my ideas, beliefs and weaknesses ...

Leah H.

St. Charles, IL


Eliminate Factors That Slow You Down

There is an advanced technique in rock climbing known as "simul-climbing". It is an efficient way for two climbers to ascend a mountain together. It's a great metaphor for what I do.


Online coaching is incredibly convenient. Video chat eliminates the  distance and time of driving to and meeting in an office. It is completely confidential and HIPAA compliant as your privacy is priority. Contact me for more info or to set up your free 30 min Discovery Session!

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